These classic sneakers are still popular

These classic sneakers are still popular

By Ferhat / 09-13-2023

Which classic sneakers can you still buy today? The truly classic models are not easy to find, except in the second-hand shoe market. That's why we asked the more than 100 online stores we collaborate with about their collections and classic items. It turns out that many are still available for purchase, including at least 5 models based on shoes that are true classics.

We've listed those sneakers for you to help you find inspiration. These are shoes you could even wear daily, perhaps because they are easy to pair with other items. It's worth taking some time to explore them and then choose a unique color or another beautiful element that makes the shoes special. What makes these shoes truly classic is their timelessness and the fact they have become iconic, whether they have been on the market for a couple of years of decades.  

The 5 most popular classic sneakers are

  1. New balance MR530 low-top
  2. Vans  Old Skool
  3. Adidas Superstar
  4. Asics Gel-LYTE
  5. Nike Blazer Mid ‘77

Buying classic sneakers

Most classic sneakers get bought out by resellers and sold again for twice the prize. This shows how high the demand for these models was and still is. Luckily we gathered more than 100 online stores that sell the shoes for suggested retail price or just a slight margin above. So did you get inspired by reading this article? Be sure to check out all the shoes on to get the best price!

5 amazing shoes to rediscover

Curious about the five amazing classic sneakers that you should really rediscover? They are all still available for purchase. We're happy to direct you to the webshops where you can order them, so you can make a great impression with your footwear.

  1. New Balance MR530 low-top
    The New Balance MR530 low-top sneakers are a fantastic choice, like all shoes from this brand. You can't go wrong with them. Looking for something special? Order these shoes in yellow, for example. It's an original color that immediately makes you stand out with the rest of your outfit. Plus, they are naturally very comfortable shoes, as you probably know from this brand.
  2. Vans Old Skool ComfyCush
    You'll also walk very comfortably in the Vans Old Skool ComfyCush. It's a special version of the classic sneakers, with extra emphasis on comfort. That means you can count on a new cushioning sole that is extra soft for your feet. The shoes come in various colors, with the characteristic white sole and white laces. It's a classic, but in a modern and readily available form.
  3. Adidas Superstar 82
    The Adidas Superstar 82 is a classic that has been around for a few years and is still widely available. It's a timeless model, with a laceless version also available. Moreover, you can choose from more than 20 different color variants. That way, there's always a pair of shoes that will make you happy.
  4. Asics Gel-LYTE 3 Suede
    You might expect the Asics Gel-LYTE 3 to be your basic classic sneaker, but the suede finishing makes sure that you can actually wear these sneakers every day. They are classic shoes that are back in style. The white sneakers can be paired with almost any outfit, making them often a great choice.
  5. Nike Blazer Mid '77
    The Nike Blazer Mid '77 is based on a pair of shoes that have been around for decades. The brand now uses some new materials for maximum durability and a pair of shoes that won't wear out too quickly. On the other hand, you're choosing the classic character that so many people love.

Buying classic sneakers

So, are you looking for a pair of classic sneakers that you can still buy today? We've listed them for you. And also read our tips for buying the right shoes for your feet and ankles, so you can be sure you won't suffer from annoying pains.