Returns & exchanges


You can return your orders to the shop where you placed the order. Unfortunately it is not possible to return your item to This is because we are not a store or distribution center. We are a search engine and comparison website. That means that we combine the products from different reliable online shops into one overview. We do not have these items physically in stock. This means that, unfortunately, you cannot send your order to Instead, return it to the webshop where you placed the order. You can read more about our working method here

How long can I return a product?

According to Dutch and European law you are always allowed to return items without providing any reason, within 14 days of receiving the product(s). Most online shops have an even longer period where returns are allowed without any form of explanation. Sometimes you can return your product up to 100 days. If you’re about to place an order, please check the return policy of the webshop to find out exactly which return period they apply.

What are the return costs?

The return costs can differ per webshop. At most major webshops, there are no return costs. However, you must take into account the fact that the webshop can deduct the costs of the return shipment from you. If this is the case, it is mandatory for the webshop to have this clearly stated in the return policy. The return policy can be found at the bottom of each webshop page under the button return or return policy.

What is the return address?

The return address depends on the webshop where you placed the order. Sometimes a webshop has several suppliers, each with their own return address. Therefore, before you make a return, always contact the webshop in question and register your return. You will receive the correct address to which the package may be returned from the webshop.

Don't remember where you placed your order?

We have prepared a number of tips to help you find the webshop where you placed the order:

  • The package usually has the sender or a return address on it;
  • Often there is a packing slip in or on the package that lists the sender and/or the return address;
  • Search your mailbox for the name, brand or number of the item. Usually you will find the confirmation email from the webshop where you bought the item;
  • Have the above points not helped you find the webshop? Maybe your bank account still has the record of the payment, including to which company the payment was made. Usually there is also an order number. You could also try searching for this number in your mail.

I still have not received my refund

Still haven't received your refund after a return? No worries: it is determined by law that the webshop must refund you within a certain period. When selecting our partners, we take into account that it is a reliable party. In the unlikely event that something went wrong, please contact the customer service of the webshop first. If you do not receive satisfactory assistance, you can always contact the ICPEN. Here you will receive free information and advice about your rights as a consumer. They will inform you about the appropriate follow-up steps you can take to reach a solution.

Can I exchange an article?

By far, the majority of online shops do not work with an exchange system. From an organizational perspective it is easier to return the wrong items and let the customer re-order the desired item in the right color or size. However, this does depend on the webshop where you placed the order. Therefore, just to be sure, always check the webshop’s returns and exchanges policy before you return your order.