Picking up an item or checking items

Unfortunately you cannot pick up or view articles at our shop.

Dressed.com is a search engine and comparison website. That means that we combine the items from different reliable webshops into one overview. We do not have a store or showroom where you can check the products or pick them up. We have no items in stock. When you choose to buy a product, you will get referred to the webshop that sells it.

Picking items up or checking items at the webshop

It is possible that your chosen item can be checked and/or collected at the webshop that delivers the product. The best way to find out?

First, click on the product. Then make a choice at which webshop you want to order the product. You click on the order button and we will automatically send you to the webshop. Here, you can check whether they have their own store, showroom or pickup address. Can’t find out this information yourself? In this case, you can contact the customer service of the webshop.