Shipping & delivery

Because we do not stock and ship the products ourselves we are not responsible for the shipping and delivery of the items. is a search engine and comparison website. Placing orders is done at the webshop we refer you to. This means that the webshop itself is responsible for the shipping and delivery of your shoes. We only offer you an overview of all the webshops and their products.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time can vary per shop and per item. We only give an indication on our website. To find out the exact delivery time of your product it is best to contact the webshop that actually sells the item. This information is also often indicated on the product page or during the ordering process.

Who delivers the package?

This depends entirely on the party/parties the webshop co-operates with. We cannot tell you if the item will be sent by DHL, UPC or another delivery company. If you wish to know it is always best to contact the webshop.