The most iconic sneakers

The most iconic sneakers

By Ferhat / 09-11-2023

What are the most iconic sneakers that should not be missing from your closet? We've done the research for you. For this, we spoke with more than 100 online stores we collaborate with. You can often still order these shoes from them. So, whether you want to reminisce about the past or simply wear shoes that you know will make you look stylish, we've got you covered with this article.

A pair of classic sneakers looks great, feels comfortable, and comes in various styles. Even the classics can be customized to your liking. Sometimes the shape remains original, but you now have a choice of modern materials. This way, you can find exactly the shoes you're looking for, tailored to the season and the outfits that make you happy.

The most iconic sneaker brands/models are 

  1. Converse All Stars
  2. Puma Original
  3. Adidas Stan Smith
  4. Nike Air Max
  5. Vans Old Skool

What are iconic sneakers?

What exactly is a pair of iconic sneakers? Well, think about it as shoes that have stood In some cases, it's almost art. Many people have these shoes in their closet, or even in a display case. They only look at them to prevent any possible wear and tear. However, we also understand if you'd like to wear them.

By walking in classic sneakers, you contribute to your outfit and make a statement with shoes we all know. So, are you going for the typical sporty look? For a more classic style or another character and symbol that has shaped history? We help you find inspiration with the top 5 true classics among sneakers.

The 5 most iconic sneakers

Classic sneakers are sporty, comfortable and also great to look at. They are rugged and stylish, combining these different characteristics to stand out from the majority of shoes. Brands have hit the bullseye with these. We list them for you, although chances are you already know at least 3 or 4 out of the 5 (or even have them in your closet).

1.      Converse All Stars

You definitely know these: the Converse All Stars sneakers. They are the quintessential classic sneakers, now available in various versions. They are worn worldwide. The rubber sole and cotton upper make the perfect match. They are comfortable, go well with various outfits, and last a long time. You can choose from white, gray, and blue, as well as various other colors and specific styles.

2.      Puma Origin

The Puma Origin is one of the most iconic shoes of this brand. This original shoe made Puma a big name. The sneakers combine suede and leather, contributing to a stylish whole. It helped Puma to gain global recognition as a shoe brand and remains one of the most popular models of the brand.

3.      Adidas Stan Smith

The Adidas Stan Smith is one of the brand's responses to Puma's success. The shoes are especially popular in white, with a green element on the heel. They were the tennis shoe of the 1960s. Now they are casual sneakers, but their rich history has not been lost.

4.      Nike Air Max

More sporty is the Nike Air Max sneaker. It's a true classic that is unfortunately no longer being made. There are still models available that resemble it, but the original is hard to find. We hope you already have this classic in your closet.

5.      Vans Old Skool

The Vans Old Skool already has the classic element in its name. Originally a brand and shoe for skaters, the model has grown into a true classic. The shoes come in black and white, as well as more colors that combine well for a striking or more classic outfit.

Buying classic sneakers

Want to buy a pair of classic sneakers? Many of the classic models are still available for purchase on We're happy to help you find inspiration for a fantastic model that you can still walk in every day. Discover casual sneakers, as well as more sporty models and even items you can wear to work.