Top 5 tips for picking comfortable shoes

Top 5 tips for picking comfortable shoes

By Ferhat / 09-15-2023

Suppose you're going to buy a new pair of shoes, you should know  what to consider to relieve your feet and ankles. It's important to keep in mind that you will be in a pair of shoes for the majority of most days. So, don't choose shoes that are too stiff or offer too little comfort. We share some useful tips that we gathered after speaking with more than 100 online stores we collaborate with.

Experts there told us about the shoes you should order if you often suffer from your ankles and feet. And which models you can definitely count on for comfort, so you won't have issues in the long run. Modern shoes look great and provide the right support your feet need. Instead of focusing on a certain brand or model, this article will focus on the general tips that apply to most shoes.

The top 5 picks for picking comfortable shoes are:

  1. Try on at the end of the day
  2. Choose quality
  3. Use your size as an indication
  4. Try on both left and right
  5. Wear the correct socks

Comfortable shoes for your feet

You naturally want to prevent foot and ankle problems. The first step in making sure of that is to buy comfortable shoes. It’s proven that comfortable shoes have great health benefits.  That's why we share some useful tips. You can use these to choose shoes that make your feet and ankles happy, preventing pain, a stiff ankle, and issues if you're prone to foot problems.

Did you know it's a good idea to try on shoes at the end of the day? Order them online so you can decide when to try them on. You're not obligated to do it when you're in the store. With this tip and several other suggestions, we'll explain what to look out for when it comes to your feet and ankles in shoes.

Top 5 tips to pay attention to

Buying a new pair of shoes is, of course, a lot of fun. You look at the brands, the colors, and the models. But did you know that the right choice of shoes contributes to more comfort for your feet and ankles? And that you can suffer from it if you don't take it into account? We share 5 useful tips so you can be sure to prevent any potential pain as much as possible.

1.      Try on at the end of the day

Order your shoes online. You probably expected this tip from us since we collaborate with more than 100 online stores. But it's not just to our advantage. Ordering online means that you are free to try the shoes on at the end of the day, at a moment that your feet and ankles might be swollen from the day. Feet have the tendency to swell a bit, so make sure the shoes still fit well at the end of the day. Shoes that only fit well in the morning can otherwise lead to pain and complaints.

2.      Choose quality

A new pair of shoes doesn't have to be expensive. But it shouldn't be too cheap either, especially if it compromises quality. Choose a brand known for using high-quality materials. Pay particular attention to the sole and the support at the heel and ankle. This way, you prevent too much strain on the ankle.

3.      Use your size as an indication

In most cases, you'll have the same size when buying shoes. However, keep in mind that this can sometimes vary. Don't blindly rely on the size you've always had. Sometimes it's better to buy a size larger or smaller if the shoes run large or small. Use your size as an indication, but don't stick too strictly to it. To be sure of making the right choice you should read our latest blog about how sneaker brands sizes fit.

4.      Try on both left and right

Always try on the shoe for both the left and right foot. In some cases, your feet may differ slightly. One shoe may feel comfortable, while the other pinches. Only when you've tried on both do you know for sure that you're making a good and comfortable choice with both shoes.

5.      Wear the correct socks when trying on

Use the socks you usually wear during the day for trying on. This prevents the shoes from turning out to be too big or too small because you wore socks you don't usually wear. A pair of thicker socks can sometimes make the difference between one size or another.

Buying comfortable shoes

Want to know what the best shoes are for wide feet? We've listed the useful tips for you. This way, you can easily order shoes that you'll walk on wonderfully, so you don't have to worry about that at least.