How to care for your jeans

How to care for your jeans

By Bo / 08-01-2022

It is inevitable that your jeans will wear down over time. It is possible to slow down wear and tear by taking the right care. Is it hot or cold? Do you prefer to wash your jeans by hand or machine? This guide will show you how to maintain your jeans so they look like new.

We all know what it is like to see your favorite pair of jeans wear out. You can extend the life of your favorite companion with some simple maintenance tips.

How often should jeans need to be washed?

Denim and washing machines are not compatible. This is because the fabric's manufacturing process involves the use of cotton threads mixed with the appropriate dye to achieve the desired colour. We can observe how the colour changes with each wash.

We recommend that you wash them as often as possible. You may only need to wash them once or twice per month if they are stained or smell bad. Let's take an in-depth look at what to do to give your pets the love and care they deserve.

Here are some tips for washing jeans in the washer

It's now or never: wash your jeans. We recommend washing your denim by hand whenever possible (we'll show you how), but if you do wash them on a regular basis, these are some tips to help you get the best results.

Before you wash your jeans in the machine, make sure to dry them.

Close the zippers, empty the pockets and press the buttons to turn the jeans inside-out. This reduces the amount of wear and tear along the edges of the waistband, zipper, and hems.

The washing machine should be loaded enough so that your jeans don't bump into the drum. Don't overload the washing machine, or you'll not get a wash that is effective.

To avoid any fading, wash your jeans by themselves if you're washing them for the first time.

What program should you use to wash your jeans?

Pay attention to labels on denim garments. Some recommend washing at 40o while others suggest washing at 30o. Others recommend washing in cold water. Our recommendation is that you wash your denim garments in colder water. If you're going to wash denim only, use cold water. If you plan to wash it with other clothes, warm water is recommended.

One tablespoon of detergent is sufficient. Too much detergent can cause damage to your jeans, not washing them more effectively.

To avoid garment deformation, choose a shorter cycle. You can use a gentle spin cycle, or, if you are unable to avoid it, slow down. Too many revolutions of centrifugal force can cause creases to form in your jeans.

How do you wash your jeans by hand

Hand washing your jeans is the best way to keep them looking great for longer.

It can be frustrating, but it doesn't have to be. Follow these steps to get started.

Turn your jeans inside-out, just like machine washing. Next, wash your jeans in warm water. After letting them sit for around an hour, rinse them with warm water.

Do not twist them after they are done. They will be deformed.

How to wash jeans so they don't fade

As you know, there are certain steps we must take to prevent discoloration during washing. These steps will help you maintain your colour for longer. We also have an additional tip.

  • Wash your clothes as gently as you can, especially if they are going in the washer.
  • Avoid washing them with other garments, especially if they're dark-colored or the first time you wash them.
  • Do not wash jeans until they are stained or smell foul.
  • Here's another trick: Replace the fabric softener used in your wash with a cup or two of white vinegar. It will fix the colours and have the same effect.

Drying your jeans after ironing

Ironing and drying your jeans is as important as washing. These tips will help you create the perfect jeans laundry.

The tumble dryer should be avoided as much as possible. Air drying will dry your jeans better than any other method. You can shrinkage your jeans by drying them in the dryer, but only if this is your goal. Turn your jeans inside out before drying them in the dryer. Tumble dry your jeans on a low heat setting on a delicate cycle.

Hang them up to dry in your waist area. Avoid direct sunlight as it can damage the colours.

Iron them at a low temperature and inside, just like you did with the washer.

You don't want to spend hours ironing. You can remove most wrinkles by shaking your jeans before you hang them up.

How to store jeans so they last longer

You don't want to ruin all you have achieved by not storing your favorite jeans in a proper place in your wardrobe.

Hang them up on S-shaped hangers if you choose to. Hangers with clips can leave marks on your pants so avoid them.

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